Tom the Dev - The Podcast! Soon launching



Hey coder-friends!

FreeCodeCamp has recently started an audio podcast. It's very good and you should definitely check it out!:

I've always been keen on podcasts, I think they provide a convenient way to communicate and present content.

  • The format is generally short and easy to digest.
  • Most of the time, there's only 1 person speaking at the time so it's rather easy to follow and doesn't require deep focus.
  • It allows you to learn/listen to content while doing something else.

While listening the the FCC podcast episodes, I realized that those were previously published articles or posts read out loud by Quincy Larson, Beau Carnes or many other contributors.

It was great to re-discover those in a podcast format and listen to great stories and insights on the web development world.

And it got me thinking.

I've always wanted to launch a podcast or/and a Vlog. I used to be a teacher (just like Quincy and Beau actually) and that ability to coach and mentor students, explaining concept, de-jargonizing technicalities was always something incredibly rewarding for me, and something I really miss in my current job. I launched a YouTube page no too long ago but failed to accurately assess the time I would need to publish quality videos (preparation, editing, etc.).

So it got me thinking...

Why not trying the same approach with my own blog. I would be reading out loud my articles, perhaps adding thing in the process (let's be totally honest, I'm not able to accurately read something mechanically without making edits, additions, revisions, etc, I'm a programmer after all aha).

So I'm going to publish my read-out-loud-articles on iTunes as podcasts in the next coming days (I'm working this weekend so I'll probably record a bunch of them on Monday).

What do you guys think?

I think that would also be a great way to help me in my public speaking skills (I'm not an English native speaker 🇫🇷), my pronunciation and tone.