Every journey starts with a (tiny) step

I started learning to code about 6 months ago... oops let's rewind that...
I started coding when I was about 7-8 year old.

My first programming companion was an Amstrad computer (lookup), it would take funny-sized floppy disks and hold about a couple of KB of rom, no more.

Switching à computer On back then meant you had something in mind, or at least the will to create some stuff because there would not be anything for you to use if it wasn't for that blinking cursor.

It had Basic installed on it and you could do line-by-line instructions like the following one:


It could even take some data:


And some logic gate:

30 Input "What day is it today?"=B
40 If B="Friday" then go to 60
50 Print "Keep it up!"
60 Print "Happy Friday ", A

Pretty cool for a boy of my age back then.

There were some graphics possibilities too but I only scratched the surface on those.
I went on to write a text-based RPG that looked a bit like those adventure gamebooks I loved adventure gamebooks and took a very long time to write (it's not finished yet if you're wondering) but it was so fascinating and rewarding to see the scenario unfold before me as I typed the instructions that I would keep on rewriting and rewriting it.

Coding requires attention to details, grit and the ability to take a fresh look at a problem even after starring at it for 20+ hours.

28 years later I am resuming my coding journey.

Let's hike!